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New Categories: Why Robotics, Photonics, and Quantum Technologies matter now.

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The Deep Tech Award is excited to introduce Robotics, Photonics and Quantum Technologies as its newest categories for the 2024 season. This evolution of the awards underscores our commitment to recognizing and fostering groundbreaking innovations that are set to redefine our world.

The departure of IT Security and IoT

As technology evolves, the Deep Tech Award continually reviews its categories to ensure they reflect the most impactful and relevant areas of innovation. This year, we are shifting our focus from former categories such as IT Security and IoT/Industry 4.0. IT security is of fundamental importance for the digital transformation of the economy, but the topic is driven more by structural and organizational developments in companies than by technological innovations. Similarly, IoT’s innovations have become foundational within technology and are being broadly implemented across various industries. With these considerations in mind, we turn our spotlight towards the promising areas of Robotics, Photonics, and Quantum Technologies, aiming to showcase the most forward-thinking innovations.

Engineering the future with Robotics

Robotics is more than just machines; it is about seamlessly integrating technology into our daily lives, improving efficiency and opening doors to possibilities once considered science fiction. Supported by advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, the field has shown remarkable growth and versatility, offering a wide range of applications from manufacturing to healthcare. The inclusion of robotics as a category in the Deep Tech Award recognizes its central role in driving technological progress and solving complex challenges. Our decision is supported by the vibrant ecosystem around robotics, as evidenced by the success stories and promising ventures emerging from incubators and tech hubs around the world.

Embracing advances with Photonics and Quantum Technologies

Photonics and quantum technologies are at the forefront of science and engineering and hold the key to revolutionary advances in computing, communications and beyond. Photonics, the science of light, is already a cornerstone of modern telecommunications and medical imaging. Quantum technologies, with their potential to surpass the capabilities of classical computing, promise to redefine what is possible in cryptography, drug discovery, and materials science.

In addition, the intersection of photonics and quantum technologies is giving rise to new disciplines such as quantum photonics, which combines the best of both worlds to create ultra-secure communication systems. This synergy could lead to the development of quantum networks, laying the groundwork for a future where information security is unbreakable by conventional means. The potential of these technologies to transform industries and redefine our technological capabilities makes them not just areas of academic interest, but critical areas for investment and development.

The new faces in our jury board

To accompany our new categories in Robotics, Photonics, and Quantum Technologies, the award is proud to welcome a new panel of experts, each a leading voice in their respective fields. This diverse group of innovators, scientists, and industry leaders brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure that the selection process reflects the highest standards of excellence and foresight in these rapidly advancing fields. Their expertise will be invaluable in identifying and celebrating the groundbreaking work that represents the best of what the future holds.

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