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Deep Tech Star Check-Up: Yeda (Formerly Yonicore) Launches Kickstarter for Women's Pelvic Health

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Yeda, formerly known as Yonicore, has won the Deep Tech Award 2023 in the Sustainable and Social Impact category. With a focus on technological innovation, Yeda continues to lead the way in improving pelvic floor health, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to women’s wellness under its new brand identity.

Pelvic floor disorders are a common yet often overlooked problem affecting millions of women worldwide. From urinary incontinence to pelvic organ prolapse, these conditions can significantly reduce life quality and undermine a woman’s confidence and independence.

According to research from UChicago Medicine, pelvic floor disorders can affect women of all ages, with at least one in three experiencing them in their lifetime. Among women over the age of 20, one in four will experience symptoms such as leakage of urine or stool, which can have a significant impact on daily life. In addition, one in five women may require surgery for these conditions, with a concerning 30 percent facing the possibility of repeat surgery.

Yeda’s unique approach to pelvic floor health sets it apart as a leader in the femtech industry. Unlike traditional products that offer temporary relief, Yeda prioritizes long-term solutions that promote muscle strength and endurance. By using advanced technology to provide tailored support, Yeda enables women to enjoy comfort and confidence in their daily lives, free from the limitations imposed by pelvic floor disorders.

At the heart of Yeda’s innovative design is a safe and adaptable silicone mould that conforms to each woman’s unique anatomy. With its intuitive interface, Yeda can be effortlessly inserted and adjusted to deliver personalized support and comfort. Whether during physical activity or routine tasks, women can rely on Yeda to provide discreet and reliable support, enhancing their overall wellbeing and quality of life.

As Yeda continues to push the boundaries of innovation and accessibility in pelvic floor health, it invites women everywhere to join its mission of empowerment and wellness. For more information about Yeda and its transformative solutions, visit the website and be part of the femtech revolution. If you’re interested in supporting Yeda’s mission or contributing to their ongoing research and development efforts, please visit the link to their crowdfunding campaign and join them in shaping the future of pelvic floor health.

Crowdfunding video from Yeda

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