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The state of Berlin funds numerous projects and initiatives in order to support citizens with energy queries and to promote a turnaround in energy policy. From energy advice in other languages and information on improving energy efficiency to climate education projects in schools and daycare centres, you can get an overview and further information here.

Logo Verbraucherzentrale Berlin

Berlin Consumer Advice Centre

Do you have any questions about your energy provider, are you unable to pay your energy bills or do you need tips on how to save on costs? The Berlin consumer advice centre provides a comprehensive range of advisory services from energy law advice, energy debt counselling and energy budget advice.

Logo Energie-Wokshop

reha e. V.

reha e.V. offers free workshops, excursions and on-site advice on the topic of energy saving as part of the “En-ergy advice easy to understand” project. She works in close contact with providers of integration assistance for people with disabilities

Logo Energiecheck

BUND e. V.

As part of the “Berliner Energiecheck” project, the focus of the advisory services is on reducing energy costs and reducing emissions, as well as on helping people help themselves, which is supported by experienced volunteer consultants from BUND

Logo Club Dialog

Club Dialog

Anyone who speaks Russian or Ukrainian and has a fixed rental agreement can receive competent and practical advice in their native language at Club Dialog – by email, phone or in person.

Logo des Türkischen Bundes in Berlin-Brandenburg (TBB)


Energy advice for people with a migration background: The Turkish Union in Berlin-Brandenburg will be offering energy advice from early 2023 in Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish and German.

Logos des Projektes Stromspar-Check

Energy-Saving Check

Lower income households are particularly affected by the rising energy prices. The energy-saving check initiative by Caritas and Berliner Energieagentur offers people with a low or zero income free advice on saving energy and water in their own home.

Klimaschutz 100 Pro

Klimaschutz 100 Pro

Those who save energy do both their wallet and the environment a favour. The experts at Klimaschutz100 Pro explain how this works on a daily basis.

ZuHaus in Berlin

ZuHaus in Berlin

When it comes to climate protection, we all live under the same roof. At ZuHaus in Berlin, home owners can receive free on-site advice on how to save energy in the home, regardless of their provider.

BAUinfo Berlin Logo

BAUinfo Berlin

Good advice you can build on: Anyone who wants to sustainably build or renovate a house can obtain free, expert advice from the BAUinfo Berlin advice centre.

Berliner Skyline mit Tiergarten im Sommer, Deutschland

Berlin's got this! We are supporting each other through the energy crisis.

The increasing energy prices are unsettling for many of us. However, together we will get through the crisis. The state of Berlin will regularly update you on the latest developments, support measures and ways to save energy.

Kinder lernen zum Thema Energie

Climate Education Shapes the Future

Early practice makes perfect: The state of Berlin is supporting numerous projects that teach young people in daycare centres and schools about climate protection, alternative energy and energy saving.

Kampagne „Berlin spart Energie“

”Berlin is Saving Energy” Campaign Week

Setting a good example! During the “Berlin is saving energy” campaign week, Berlin institutions, associations and private individuals will present the ways in which they are supporting alternative energy and climate protection in our city.

Servicestelle energetische Quartiersentwicklung

Service centre for energy-based neighbourhood development

Neighbourhoods can also help to save energy, for example through energy-oriented building renovations or by creating climate-friendly heating networks. The service centre for energy-based neighbourhood development is available to support you.

Berliner Informations- und Kommunikationsprogramm „ImpulsKlimaschutz“

Berlin Impulse Programme

Our Berlin Impulse Programme is designed to encourage energy-efficient behaviour, explain the turnaround in energy policy and network key stakeholders.