Stay informed! Energy advice for consumers

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Many consumers are feeling uneasy due to increasing energy prices. Many people currently don’t know how they are going to pay their energy bills. We’re here to help you during these difficult times: Berlin offers a wide range of advisory services thanks to its strong partners. Berlin’s energy advisers can help you if you are facing a massive increase in your instalment payments, an energy cut-off or want to know how you can save energy in your everyday life.

On this website, we have compiled the contact details of all energy advice centres in Berlin and answer the main questions relating to energy law. Make the most of these services. By getting advice in a timely fashion, you can avoid energy debt and cut-offs.

Unfortunately, there are also dubious energy providers who want to profit from the crisis. It’s often not easy for consumers to distinguish between a reputable provider and a dubious one. Berlin’s Consumer Advice Centre is here to help you if you want to protect yourself from fraud or have problems with your provider.
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Advisory services

Stay well-informed during the energy crisis: Berlin offers a wide range of advisory services thanks to its strong partners. Find advice centres in all of Berlin’s districts. More information


Questions and Answers

Increased instalment payments, terminated contracts and excessively high bills: we give guidance on the most important matters. Good advice protects against conflicts and energy cut-offs. More information

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Energy-saving tips

Whether it's heating, cooking or washing, saving energy in the home isn't so difficult. Find more information and free tools here More information


Other projects

The state of Berlin funds numerous projects and initiatives in order to support citizens with energy queries and to promote a turnaround in energy policy. More information