Julia Menon, M.Sc. “Why preregistration of animal studies benefits research”

Am Montag, den 7.2.2022 um 16 Uhr findet das 8. Webinar in der 3R-Fortbildungsreihe statt (in Englischer Sprache). Weitere Informationen und kostenfreie Anmeldung hier:
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Schriftzug: Preclinicaltrials.eu

The 8th Webinar in the 3Rs training series, organized by the Animal Protection Commissioner of Berlin and the Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing (CAAT), in collaboration with the Veterinary Chamber of Berlin, will take place on Monday, February 7, at 10 am EST/ 4 pm CET. During the 1-hour webinar, Julia Menon (M.Sc.) from the Netherlands Heart Institute in Utrecht will give a 45-minute presentation about the benefits of pre-registering animal studies, followed by 15 minutes of Q&A.


Poor translational rates raise concerns toward the quality and relevance of animal studies, supporting the call for improvement, such as preregistration. Pre-registration, the act of making available a study design a priori, hold several benefits. It helps to promote transparency,it reduces biases & misconducts (e.g., selective outcome reporting, publication bias, HARKing) and stimulates the reduction of involuntary duplication. Overall, this method could benefit researchers individually, as proof of good planning, and their peers by increasing data sharing. Moreover, dedicated preregistration platforms exist to facilitate the preregistration process. For example, preclinicaltrials.eu is a free registry tailored to researchers’ needs (e.g., user-friendly, fast, secured process). However, despite its upsides, preregistration is only emerging in animal research, where it holds great promises to improve study transparency and quality. In this talk, you’ll learn how preregistration proceeds to increase transparency & decrease biases and learn about preclinicaltrials.eu features to (maybe) preregister your studies in the future.


Julia Menon, M.Sc., is the Daily Director of Preclinicaltrials.eu, a registration platform tailored to animal studies. She has a background as biomedical biologist. Julia is a 3Rs and systematic review enthusiast, focusing on tools and methods to improve animal research’s transparency and robustness. Her current focus lies on preregistration of animal studies and how it may improve study quality and accessibility. She is also part of SyRCLE’s network and has a position at The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development.