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Walking Tour through Marzahn

Berlin-Marzahn is full of contrasts: Concrete meets greenery and loud and lively urban life meets village-like idyll. A walk through Marzahn reveals all facets of this often underestimated district.

Start: Flower Tower

The starting point of our walk through Marzahn is the Flower Tower on Allee der Kosmonauten. The facade of this 18-story high-rise was transformed into a large landscape of plants and flowers by the French artist group CitéCréation. In the middle of the traffic junction, the concrete is blooming and greening - a perfect starting point for the tour because the coexistence of concrete desert and green oasis is hardly as pronounced in any other district.

Flower Tower

Flower Tower

From the Flower Tower, head north along Allee der Kosmonauten. After a few steps, you will reach Poelchaustraße, where you cross the street and walk about a hundred meters to the right. A beautiful park opens up to your left, which you walk through while admiring the greenery. If you are traveling with children, make a stop at Café Krümelkeks, a parent-child café that adjoins the park on the right. The café offers Italian ice cream year-round, which you can enjoy on the go as well.

First Stop: Marzahn Reading Garden

After the obligatory ice-cream pit stop, the route continues straight ahead north through the green spaces. In between, you have to cross Pekrunstraße and Blenheimstraße. After about 15 minutes on foot, you will reach the Marzahn Reading Garden (Lesegarten), where you can enjoy a good book amidst beautiful greenery. Don't have a book on hand? No problem! On the benches you can enjoy the sun even without literature, while the old trees muffle the noise of the dense traffic. Feeling well-rested? Then continue through the reading garden towards Alt-Marzahn.

Second Stop: Alt-Marzahn Village Green

In Alt-Marzahn, the original rural idyll of the former village has been preserved in the shadow of newer prefabricated high-rises. The Alt-Marzahn village green and surrounding historical village center dates back to the 13th century and is partially preserved in its original glory. On the left side lies the KulturGut Marzahn, an old farm that has been converted into a cultural center. Here, visitors can buy handmade treasures made by Marzahners in the arts and ceramics barn and learn interesting facts about fruits, vegetables and herbs in the farm garden. On the right side of the village green lie the village church and the Marzahn-Hellersdorf District Museum. The museum is located inside the former village school and vividly presents the history of the district.

Bockwindmühle Marzahn

Third Stop: Marzahn Post Mill

Just a few steps away, at the end of the street Alt-Marzahn, is the Marzahn Post Mill. The old windmill is a well-known landmark of Marzahn and still fully functional. On a guided tour of the windmill, visitors can experience how grain is transformed into freshly-baked bread.

Skywalk in Marzahn

Skywalk in Marzahn

Fourth Stop: Degewo Skywalk

With the mill behind you, the route continues north. After the rural idyll of the old village green, crossing the busy Langsberger Allee will transport you back into the present. Once this is done, the tour continues to the left along the small Landsberger Allee in the shadow of the apartment blocks. The road bends to the right - once you have followed it, you will reach the Degewo Skywalk on Raoul-Wallenberg-Straße 40/42. As part of a free guided tour, the viewing platform, which is integrated into a high-rise building, offers a wide view over Berlin and Brandenburg at a height of 70 meters.

Once you have firm ground under your feet again, walk down Raoul-Wallenberg-Straße to the right until you reach Landsberger Allee again. Continue along Langsberger Allee until you reach the Blumberger Damm intersection. Now, you have to decide for yourself which should be the last stop on your walking tour through Marzahn.

Marzahn, Ahrensfelder Berge

Ahrensfelder Berge

Fifth Stop: Ahrensfelde Hills OR

Up Blumberger Damm on the left, the Ahrensfelde Hills await you after a walk of about 1.7 kilometers (for this, turn right at Glambecker Ring). The two hills, of which the western peak is higher at 114.5 meters, offer a stunning view: You can see as far as the TV Tower on Alexanderplatz and the wind turbines of Brandenburg. This place is especially beautiful during sunset.

Sultans Fest

Gärten der Welt

Gardens of the World

Walking down Blumberger Damm to the right for about 15 minutes, you will reach Marzahn's most important attraction: the Gardens of the World. Here, you can immerse yourself in garden art from all over the world in eleven themed gardens. From the Chinese Garden to the Islamic Garden and the Balinese Garden, each individual garden showcases the design ideas and important plants of different cultures, continents and eras. In addition to the gardens, imaginative playgrounds invite small and big children to romp around. Those in need of a break after a long walk can climb into one of the 60 gondolas of the cable car that runs above the Gardens of the World - the greenery is just as stunning viewed from above.

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