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Post Mill in Berlin-Marzahn

  • Marzahn
  • Marzahn-Süd - Alt-Marzahn
  • Marzahner Bockwindmühle
  • Marzahner Bockwindmühle

Turning grain into flour by the power of the wind: At the edge of the former village of Alt-Marzahn, a windmill has been visible from afar since 1993.

The active windmill is owned by the district office of Marzahn-Hellersdorf and is operated jointly with the Mühlenverein Berlin-Marzahn e.V.

Milling Techniques from 1900

Visitors can go on a journey into the past and learn how milling developed from the 19th century onward and see with their own eyes how windmills worked a hundred years ago. On top of that, young and old visitors can listen to exciting and funny anecdotes about the introduction of the new wind-powered technology.

From Grain to Cookie

Baking cookies like people did 100 years ago: The guided tour of the post mill in Marzahn starts at the very beginning - with the cultivation of grain. Visitors learn how the grain is grown, harvested and milled before preparing the cookie dough. Finally, the crispy treats are eaten right away.

Information, Address and Opening Hours

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Hinter der Mühle 4
12685 Berlin
+49 (0)179 4910828
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By appointment only
not accessible
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