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New State Office for Civil Protection in Berlin


The responsibilities for disaster control and emergency management in Berlin are to be bundled more efficiently in the future. To this end, Interior Senator Iris Spranger is setting up a new state office.

New state office to develop emergency management strategies

The state office is to be responsible for strategies to cope with major emergency or disaster situations such as war, extreme storms, large-scale power outages or chemical accidents. It is to prepare appropriate exercises. In addition, a supply depot is to be set up with fuel and important technology for the police, fire department and other relief organizations, as well as supplies for the population under certain circumstances.

Nationwide warning day on December 8

Warning systems are to be tested at 11 am.on Thursday, December 08. Warnings are broadcast throughout Germany via radio and television, mobile phone networks, digital display panels and, in some cases, sirens. On cell phones, people receive the warnings via the warning apps Nina and Katwarn. Some mobile phone providers also send them to phones via SMS; 60 percent of users can be reached in this way.

Author: dpa/
Publication date: 8 December 2022
Last updated: 8 December 2022

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