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Restricted train service in the direction of the Baltic Sea

Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Due to construction work on railroad lines in the north of Berlin, several regional trains in the direction of the Baltic Sea will be cancelled this weekend.

Regional traffic will once again be "severely restricted by construction work planned long in advance and unavoidable", the Berlin-Brandenburg Transport Association (VBB) announced on Thursday (June 09, 2022). Trains of the regional express line RE 3 will be affected: they will not run between Bernau and Berlin Central Station from Thursday to 6 AM on Sunday.

Restrictions on some regional train lines over the weekend

On Friday (June 10) and Saturday (June 11), regional trains of the RB 24 line will not run between Bernau and Berlin Central Station. Travelers can use the S-Bahn line S2 instead, the VBB announced. In addition, regional trains of the line RE 5 will not run between Berlin-Gesundbrunnen and Oranienburg from Saturday to Tuesday morning (June 14). A replacement service with buses will be set up.

VBB: Explore other regions instead of the Baltic Sea

According to the VBB, Deutsche Bahn is renewing bridges between the stations Berlin-Karow and Bernau and is working on the control and safety technology in Birkenwerder. The transport company therefore recommended travelers to explore other places in the region during the weekend instead of the Baltic Sea and to do without bicycles on trains.

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Publication date: 10 June 2022
Last updated: 10 June 2022

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