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Berlin requests extension of Bundeswehr soldiers at arrival center

Ukraine-Ankunftszentrums TXL

Soldiers of the Bundeswehr help refugees from Ukraine at an arrival center.

The Berlin Senate has asked the federal government for an extension of the deployment of 80 Bundeswehr soldiers at the Tegel arrival center for refugees from Ukraine.

The aim is to extend the deployment of the soldiers until the end of April, Senate spokeswoman Lisa Frerichs announced on Friday (March 25, 2022). So far, the Bundeswehr is helping with the registration of refugees from Ukraine only temporarily until March 31, that is, until next Thursday.

24-hour operations at the Tegel arrival center

Frerichs added that around 430 employees from the Berlin administration have now registered to help out in Tegel. The arrival center was opened last Sunday. Up to 10,000 refugees are to be registered there every day and then distributed to the federal states. According to earlier information from the Senate, 420 employees are needed for the registration counters at full capacity for the 24-hour operation. In addition, there will be helpers to look after the new arrivals, most of whom will be provided by social organizations.

Author: dpa/
Publication date: 25 March 2022
Last updated: 25 March 2022

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