Tempelhof is known to most people because of the now defunct Tempelhof Airport. The district is characterized by smaller apartment buildings and single-family houses as well as commercial and industrial buildings. However, there are also residential areas with beautiful old Gründerzeit buildings scattered along tree-lined streets.

Tempelhof is home to a wide variety of people from differen social backgrounds, nationalities and cultures. This is reflected in the small shops, bistros and restaurants that can be found next to the department store and the more exclusive stores on Tempelhof's popular shopping mile, Tempelhofer Damm. In the immediate vicinity, the new shopping center Tempelhofer Hafen has opened its gates directly on the Teltow Canal. It is located near the cultural center ufaFabrik. The Mariendorf trotting course is also well-known beyond Tempelhof.

Tempelhof belongs to the administrative district of Tempelhof-Schöneberg. Tempelhof itself is divided into the districts of Tempelhof, Lichtenrade, Mariendorf, and Marienfelde.

Portrait of Tempelhof

Frühling in Tempelhof
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Residential Areas & Infrastructure

Tempelhof's cityscape is dominated by apartment buildinngs and single-family housing developments as well as industrial and commercial areas and quite a lot of greenery. more

Tempelhof - Alt-Tempelhof
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District of Tempelhof

In Tempelhof, old buildings from the Wilhelminian period alternate with more recent apartment buildings and single-family homes. And then there is Tempelhof Field. more

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Despite its extensive industrial areas, Marienfelde still has rural features. The former village center with its manor and park reminds you of a bygone era. more

Lichtenrade - John Locke Housing Estate
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Located in the very south of Berlin, Lichtenrade, is a rather calm district with many single- and two-family homes, a village church and a shopping street. You will also find some prefabricated high-rise buildings. more

Sommer in Tempelhof
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Tempelhof: Useful Information

The most important addresses in Tempelhof: schools, local authorities, hospitals, restaurants, leisure facilities and more. more


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