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  • Harness Racinng Track in Mariendorf

    Harness Racinng Track in Mariendorf

  • Harness Racinng Track Mariendorf

    Harness Racinng Track Mariendorf

  • Volkspark Mariendorf

    A woman picks mirabelles in the Volkspark Mariendorf.

  • Summer in Mariendorf

    Children and adults swim and sunbathe in the Mariendorf summer pool.

  • Mariendorf

    Terraced homes in Mariendorf

  • Mariendorf

    Apartment buildings in Mariendorf

  • Mariendorf

    Housing estate building in Mariendorf

  • Teltow Canal Mariendorf

    Teltow Canal in Mariendorf

  • Summer in Tempelhof

    The Teltow canal forms the border between the districts of Mariendorf and Tempelhof. The Tempelhofer Hafen shopping center is located on the Tempelhof side.

Mariendorf, like the surrounding districts, is rather quiet with a suburban flair. The trotting course is known beyond the region.

The Berlin district of Mariendorf is characterized by a closed residential development in the north and around Old Mariendorf. Old buildings from the Wilhelminian period alternate with apartment buildings from the 1930s, 50s and 60s. The south mostly consists of individual houses, with the exception of the two- to four-story apartment buildings along Mariendorfer Damm. Industry and commerce are mainly concentrated in Marienpark and the areas along the Teltow canal.

Mariendorf Village Church

On Mariendorfer Damm, directly at the Alt-Mariendorf subway station, stands the historic village church. The medieval building originates from the 13th century. The late classicist farmhouse on the property of Alt-Mariendorf 41 and the nearby Rudolf Hildebrand elementary school from the early 19th century are other reminders of times gone by. The old school building is now the seat of the Tempelhof Museum.

Mariendorf Public Park

Not far away lies the Mariendorf public park. Its meadows, flower beds, rose gardebn, summer flowers, marsh plants and azalea gardens are a sight for sore eyes. On the eastern edge the garden monument is the Mariendorf public park stadium with space for up to 10,000 spectators. On the western edge lies the historical pond called Blümelteich, which became famous as the first model sailing pond in the city. The park has three other ponds as well as a small toboggan hill. The Mariendorf summer pool provides refreshment on hot summer days.

Mariendorf Trotting Course

Mariendorf is known nationwide for its trotting course, which is surrounded by the new buildings on Mariendorfer Damm. It was inaugurated in 1913 as the most modern horse racing facility in Germany at the time. Here, a rural ambience mixes with remnants of the Gründerzeit and modern functional buildings.

Low half-timbered buildings house stables and service rooms. Next to them is the Art Nouveau grandstand, a listed building that was completed in 1913. The newer spectator facilities date from the 1960s and 70s. Today, around 100,000 visitors are counted during Derby Week, which is the major annual international event.

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Portrait of Tempelhof