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  • Lichtenrade - John Locke Housing Estate

    Apartment blocks in the John Locke housing estate

  • Lichtenrade

    Old building in Lichtenrade

  • Lichtenrade

    Single-family homes in Lichtenrade

  • Lichtenrade Market of Lights

    Lichtenrade market of lights

  • International Pug Meet-up

    A pug runs across a track at the International Pug Meet-up on the grounds of the Youth and Dog Association in Lichtenrade

Located in the very south of Berlin, Lichtenrade, is a rather calm district with many single- and two-family homes, a village church and a shopping street. You will also find some prefabricated high-rise buildings.

Lichtenrade, the birthplace of former Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit, is characterized by small one- and two-family houses and preserved farmhouses. However, the district in the south of Berlin also has large housing estates with high-rises built in the 1960s and 70s.

High-Rise Housing Estates in Lichtenrade

The John Locke estate in Lichtenrade-Mitte features many four- to 18-story prefabricated buildings between Steinstraße, Marienfelder Straße and John-Locke-Straße. Lichtenrade East around Nahariyastraße and the Petruswerk housing estate on Bornhagenweg are also characterized by high-rise buildings, which have long since been renovated.

Bahnhofstraße, Village Pond and Public Park

Shopping is wonderful in the Lichtenrad Bahnhofstraße, where you will find numerous retail stores but also restaurants and cafés. The historical village center of the district is located next to the Lichtenrade village pond. Here, old farmhouses from the 19th century duck around the small body of water. Nearby is the Lichtenrade public park with its playground, walking paths and old trees.

Wine Festival and Market of Lights at the Village Church

The Lichtenrade village church is the center of the annual wine festival in the fall. In winter, the Lichtenrade market of lights (Lichtermarkt) gets visitors in the mood for the holiday season. Another historical building is the Lichtenrade malthouse. Built in the late 19th century, the factory produced malt for the Schöneberg Palace brewery. Today, the striking protected monument is used as a warehouse.

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