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Frühling in Pankow

Portrait of Pankow

Spring in Pankow

Residential Areas & Infrastructure

Close to the more lively and trendy Prenzlauer Berg, Pankow is a more tranquil district with a lot of greenery, upscale residential areas, and good public transport connections.  more

Sommer in Pankow

District of Pankow

Elegant and bourgeois but by no means boring: this is how the district of Pankow presents itself.  more

Schönhausen Palace


Apartment buildings, villas, Schönhausen Palace, and many parks: Niederschönhausen is a good place to live. Those in search of nature and recreation will find plenty of greenery in the district.  more

Französisch Buchholz

Französisch Buchholz

In this rural part of Berlin, more and more apartment buildings join the already existing allotment gardens and single-family homes. The main sights are the village church and the Karow ponds.  more



The Buch Palace Garden as well as the historic village center and new development areas make up the characteristic atmosphere of Buch. This northernmost district of Berlin is also home to a number of clinics.  more

Rosenthal - Nordend


The former village of Rosenthal has still retained its charming rural flair. In addition to the church, manor house and farmsteads, there are allotment gardens and newer single-family houses.  more



Blankenfelde is very sparsely populated. The core of the former village with its village green and church is under monumental protection. Fields spread out around it.  more



The small suburb of Wilhelmsruh belongs to the villa districts of Berlin. Among other things, it is home to an old power plant and an imposing Lutheran church.  more