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  • Wilhelmsruh


  • Wilhelmsruh


  • Wilhelm Hallen in Berlin-Wilhelmsruh

    Numerous microphones hang from the ceiling at the "All Ears - The Podcast Summit" in the Wilhelm Hallen in Berlin-Wilhelmsruh.

  • S-Bahn station Wilhelmsruh

    "Berlin-Wilhelmsruh" is written on the sign above the entrance to the S-Bahn station.

  • Schorfheidestraße in Pankow

    An S-Bahn train travels over a railway bridge with graffiti on Schorfheidestraße near Wilhelmsruh S-Bahn station in Berlin.

The small suburb of Wilhelmsruh belongs to the villa districts of Berlin. Among other things, it is home to an old power plant and an imposing Lutheran church.

Wilhelmsruh is one of Berlin's historic villa suburbs. The old country houses and villas, some of which have been preserved to this day, were mainly built at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

Bergmann Power Plant in Wilhelmsruh

Also at the turn of the century, the Bergmann Power Plant was established in Wilhelmsruh. Since the company also produced armaments, the industrial site was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War - and rebuilt after the end of the war. During the Cold War, the site suddenly became a border area as the Berlin Wall stood right next to it. Today, the Bergmann Power Plant is mainly used as an industrial site. However, cultural institutions, educational facilities and studios have also found their place within the old walls.

The characteristic five-story buildings of the 1950s were built for the workers of the power plant on the edges of the already existing settlements. Today, they are largely renovated. Together with the old villas, the industrial buildings and the newer housing estates with single-, two-, and multi-family houses form the mixed building fabric of the district, which has a retained small-town character overall.

Places of Interest in Wilhelmsruh

In addition to the Bergmann Powe plant, the Wilhelmsruh substation, which is a listed building, is also worth a visit. Here, three-phase current used to be converted into direct current for the trams. Today, the house with the beautiful brick facade is an office building. The Luther Church was designed by Lutz Gottlob. The building in brick Gothic style offers a small haven of peace near the busy main street. Nearby are also the Garibaldi pond and Lake Wilhelmsruh, two more small oases in the big city.

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