City Partnership Tashkent

Image: Yuri Golubev

Berlin and Tashkent signed a joint declaration on cooperation on 30 April 1993; this was expanded by a framework agreement signed on 6 November 1996. The main priority of our reciprocal support in the 1990s was the training provided in Berlin to experts from Tashkent in urban development, housing – especially the renovation of prefabricated housing – and transportation. We also gave our partner city technical support by providing equipment like fire trucks. Berlin’s zoo also donated many animals to its counterpart in Tashkent.

Thanks to the commitment of a pianist in Berlin, a number of bilateral cooperative projects were carried out in the cultural sector, too. A CD of a live performance (“Das Hohelied der Liebe”) from 2009 is a visible and audible sign of this successful cooperation.

During the visit of the Hokim (mayor) of Tashkent in 2009, the two parties agreed that economic cooperation should also be a stronger focus of our partnership. Uzbekistan is a country rich in raw materials and is opening itself up to more investment from the West.

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