City Tax in Berlin: Who is to pay, how much and where

City Tax in Berlin: Who is to pay, how much and where

Since the beginning of the year 2014, tourists staying overnight in Berlin are subject to paying an accommodation tax, the so-called City Tax. What it costs, who is to pay, and who is exempt from paying.

City Tax in Berlin

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The Berlin city tax is due for accommodation bookings made from the 1st of January 2014.

When does the Berlin City Tax come into effect?

The Berlin City Tax is due for payment for bookings made from the 1st of January 2014 and affects all private overnight stays.

How much is the City Tax?

The City Tax amounts to five percent of the room rate (net price), excluding VAT and fees for amenities and services such as mini-bar, sauna or spa area. Only private overnight stays are subject to the tax. The collection of the tax is limited to 21 successive days.

Where and how do I pay the City Tax?

The City Tax is collected by the accommodation providers and added to the hotel bill. It is an indirect tax: The accommodation providers have to transfer the tax and are authorised to claim the same amount of money from their guests in turn. They are not obliged to pass the fee on to their guests, though. Accommodation providers are defined as businesses that provide short-term overnight accommodation, such as hotels, guest houses, private landlords, independent hostels, youth hostels and campsites.

Who is exempt from paying the City Tax?

Business travellers are exempt from the City Tax and do not have to pay. They do, however, have to be able to prove the business purpose of their trip.

How can I prove the business purpose of my trip?

The business purpose of a trip can be verified by a bill that is paid by or issued to the employer, or a letter from the company. If the accommodation is booked by the employer in the first place, no further proof is necessary. People travelling in groups must verify the business purpose of their trip individually.
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