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Internet access for prison inmates in Berlin prisons


Berlin wants to be the first German state to provide prisoners with Internet access in prisons.

On Wednesday, Justice Senator Lena Kreck (Left Party) will present the project at the women's correctional facility in Lichtenberg. According to the judiciary, the system has been in trial operation there since the beginning of December. It is expected to be available to inmates in other Berlin prisons by October 2023.

Digital Detention Media System for Berlin Prisons

A concession agreement was concluded with the Hamburg-based company Telio Communications GmbH for the digital detention room media system. Until now, prisoners and persons in preventive detention have been able to watch TV, listen to the radio and make phone calls. In the future, this and access to e-mails and selected Internet sites will all be possible with the new system. According to the justice administration, there are currently around 3530 people in Berlin's seven prisons. According to the report, there are a total of 146 detention places for women. There are currently 86 women in the prison in Lichtenberg.

Author: dpa/
Publication date: 7 December 2022
Last updated: 7 December 2022

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