Bud Spencer Museum

Bud Spencer Museum

The Bud Spencer Museum is the Pedersoli family's tribute to Carlo Pedersoli, the actor known as Bud Spencer.

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    A man walks along the street Unter den Linden past a house façade in whose window drawings of the actor Bud Spencer, real name Carlo Pedersoli, can be seen.
  • Bud Spencer (1)© dpa
    The Italian actors Terence Hill (l) and Bud Spencer (r) in the successful Italo-Western comedy "Trinity Is Still My Name" (1971).
  • Bud Spencer (2)© dpa
    Italian actors Bud Spencer (l) and Terence Hill signal "thumbs up" during the screening of their film "Double Trouble" in the 50th broadcast of the TV show "Auf los geht's los" on 20 October 1984.

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