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Startschuss für WeShare

WeShare is Volkswagen's car sharing service. VW exclusively offers electric cars.

In mid-2019, VW introduced their electric cars to the streets for rent. In total, 1500 e-Golfs are available to customers, which are charged exclusively with renewable energy. In the coming months, VW plans to expand its vehicle fleet with other electric car models, such as the smaller e-Up. A total of 2000 electric cars from WeShare will be available then.

Vehicle Types and Equipment

WeShare currently offers two types of vehicles for rent: the ID.3 and the ID.4. Both types of vehicles are purely electric cars. They are equipped with a booster seat in each case. Animals are not allowed to be transported.

Registration and Hiring

The minimum age for hiring a WeShare car is 21 years and you must have held an EU driving licence for at least one year. The rental of VW's electric cars works via a separate app, which can be downloaded free of charge onto the smartphone. After registration and the examination of the driving licence, a car can be rented straight away. The app displays free vehicles in the business area and makes short-term reservations.

Rental Process and Pricing

WeShare offers its cars in a delimited area in Berlin, which can be viewed in the app.The area extends to Wedding and parts of Pankow in the north, Friedrichshain in the east, Mariendorf and Steglitz in the south and Schmargendorf and Westend in the west. Cars may be driven outside this area, but they cannot be parked. Parking must occur in a public parking lot within the business area. Customers can choose between two rates - a per-minute rate or a package. A subscription model is offered for frequent customers. Payment is possible via a credit card or PayPal.

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