Steglitz represents bourgeois idyll and big city flair in equal measure. The district offers a mix of quiet residential areas, green spaces, some culture and good shopping opportunities, making it attractive for families with children, pensioners and students as well. The latter appreciate Steglitz because of its proximity to the Free University of Berlin.

From the social housing buildings of the 60s to single-family homes, city villas, beautiful old buildings and Wilhelminian style mansions, you can find almost every type of residential building in Steglitz. However, rents can be quite high in some parts.

The larger Steglitz district is subdivided into the districts of Steglitz, Lichterfelde, and Lankwitz.

Portrait of Steglitz


District of Steglitz

The district is quiet and middle-class with lots of trees and greenery. Schloßstraße is a popular place for shopping not only among Steglitzers. more

Lankwitz - Komponistenviertel
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The Berlin district of Lankwitz is mainly characterized by small housing complexes and single-family homes. more

Pk Botanicals Garden to Christmas Garden
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The cityscape of Lichterfelde in the southwest of Berlin is characterized by Wilhelminian villas, tree-lines avenues, and green areas. Visual contrast is provided by the Thermometersiedlung. more


Steglitz: Useful Information

An overview of the most important addresses in Steglitz: local authorities, schools, hospitals, cafés, restaurants, tips for leisure activities and more. more

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