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  • Lichterfelde West

    A mansion in Lichterfelde-West

  • Lichterfelde West

    A stroll through Lichterfelde West

  • Lichterfelde West

    A street in Lichterfelde West

  • Botanical Garden to Christmas Garden

    The large tropical house of the Berlin Botanical Garden

  • Victoria House at the Botanical Garden

    Gardener Roswitha Domine carries a leaf of the giant water lily Victoria out of the water in the Victoria House at the Berlin Botanical Garden.

  • Botanical Garden - tropical house

    Visitors in the tropical house of the Botanical Garden

  • Lichterfelde West

    A mansion in Lichterfelde West

  • Lichterfelde West

    Viktoriaplatz in Lichterfelde West

  • Lichterfelde South

    Apartment buildings in Lichterfelde South

  • Lichterfelde South

    Housing complex at Westfalenring

  • Spring in Berlin

    Maja (left) and Aliya walk through Kirschblütenallee in Lichterfelde South with their ponies.

  • Lichterfelde South - Thermometersiedlung

    Sports ground in the Thermometersiedlung

The cityscape of Lichterfelde in the southwest of Berlin is characterized by Wilhelminian villas, tree-lines avenues, and green areas. Visual contrast is provided by the Thermometersiedlung.

The image of Lichterfelde is characterized by the two exclusive residential areas of Lichterfelde East and Lichterfelde West. Their elegant mansions were built around the old village and manor of Lichterfelde. The south of the district consists of apartment buildings and single-family homes as well as the Thermometerviertel with its 22-story high-rises. Lichterfelde's most famous attraction is the Botanical Garden.

Lichterfelde West

Lichterfelde West was founded in 1860 and is the oldest villa district of Berlin. The neighborhood features stately and imaginative mansions of the Wilhelminian and Art Nouveau periods as well as large gardens, small tree-lined avenues, gas streetlamps, and paved streets. The mansions are often used by diplomats for representative purposes. After the reunification, many of them were renovated.

Lichterfelde East

Lichterfelde East was laid out along similar lines as a villa district but suffered more severe damage during World War II. Today, the area is characterized by many industrial estates, especially around Teltow canal. Nevertheless, an impressive number of well-preserved Wilhelminian style mansions and old tree-lined avenues can be found here as well. The Correns mansion, also known as the Siemens Villa, is located in Gärtnerstraße. Today, this magnificent building houses the music archive of the German Library.

Lichterfelde South

The rest of Lichterfelde is characterized by single-family homes and apartment buildings. Lichterfelde South is also the home of a high-rise housing estate, the so-called Thermometersiedlung. The village church and the community hall on Ostpreußendamm are the last remaining buildings of the former village of Giesensdorf. St. Peter's church on Oberhofer Platz is a symbol of the time when most of the mansions in Lichterfelde were constructed.

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