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Prenzlauer Berg: Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in the Northwest

  • Prenzlauer Berg - Gleimkiez

    Korsörer Straße

  • Prenzlauer Berg - Gleimkiez

    Schwedter Steg

  • Prenzlauer Berg - Gleimkiez


  • Prenzlauer Berg - Gleimkiez


  • Mauerpark


  • Prenzlauer Berg - Nordisches Viertel


  • Prenzlauer Berg - Rund um den Humannplatz


  • Bösebrücke in Berlin


The northwest of Prenzlauer Berg is less trendy and more residential than the south. Gleimviertel with the Mauerpark, the Nordic Quarter, and the area around Humannplatz are popular with families.

Peace and Quiet in Gleimviertel

The neighborhood called Gleimviertel is home to the Mauerpark, a popular park with meadows, cycling paths, the Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Sportpark, and the tree-lined Falkplatz with a water fountain. At least in the southern part, this neighborhood is very green. The rest is densely built up, which is typical for Prenzlauer Berg, especially with expensive renovated old buildings.

In the southeast of the neighborhood lies the subway station Eberswalder Straße, in the northeast the subway and city railway station Schönhauser Allee. Another special feature is the Gleimtunnel. In general, things are a bit quieter here than in the trendy neighborhoods in the south of Prenzlauer Berg. Nevertheless, there are plenty of cafés and other places to go out, and of course there are many daycare centers, children's cafés, and ice cream parlors.

Nordic Quarter around Arnimplatz

The Nordic Quarter (Nordische Viertel) or Scandinavian Quarter (Skandinavischse Viertel) around Arnimplatz is rather quiet, without any great nightlife or shopping opportunities. The rental and purchase prices here are still somewhat lower than in the rest of Prenzlauer Berg, which has become prohibitively expensive. A new residential estate with high-quality condominiums has been created at Bösebrücke on Bornholmer Straße.

Humannplatz and Stahlheimer Straße

The area around Humannplatz and Stahlheimer Straße is mainly made up old buildings and 60's buildings that have long since been renovated. The inner courtyards of the old buildings are narrow while those of the new buildings are quite spacious and green. This family-friendly neighborhood is mostly residential, but there are still a few cafés and bars.

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