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Prenzlauer Berg

Portrait of Prenzlauer Berg


Trendy Neighborhoods in the South

After the fall of the Wall, many parts of southern Prenzlauer Berg were renovated and modernized. Today the neighborhood is a popular entertainment district with many cafés, bars, galleries, and stores.  more

Prenzlauer Berg - Gleimkiez

Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in the Northwest

The northwest of Prenzlauer Berg is less trendy and more residential than the south. Gleimviertel with the Mauerpark, the Nordic Quarter, and the area around Humannplatz are popular with families.  more

Prenzlauer Berg - "Alter Schlachthof"

Neighborhoods in the East

With its concrete housing estates of the GDR era, old buildings, detached houses and new buildings, the east of Prenzlauer Berg is developing its very own charm.  more

Prenzlauer Berg - Gleimkiez

Prenzlauer Berg: Useful information

An overview of the most important addresses in Prenzlauer Berg: local authorities, schools, hospitals, restaurants, cafés, tips for leisure activities and more.  more