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Mitte is the centre of Berlin since the fall of the wall. The GDR past has been largely shaken off and numerous young companies, agencies and exclusive shops have settled here.

Mitte is not only in-district, it is also the origin of Berlin and a large part of the capital's landmarks and sights. The district is home to the creative scene as well as countless leisure and nightlife opportunities, especially around Oranienburger Straße.

The Alexanderplatz, the centre of City Ost, is the counterpart of City West around Breitscheidplatz and Kurfürstendamm in Charlottenburg. It is to be redesigned in the near future - some new high-rise buildings are to be built here one day.

Portrait of Mitte

Sonniges Wetter in Berlin
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Old Berlin

The old Berlin attracts mainly tourists. You can live in a Plattenbau or in one of the few apartments in the Nikolai quarter. more

Fernsehturm und Weltzeituhr
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Around Alexanderplatz

Shopping at the Alex is what most people come here for. But the place and its surroundings have more to offer. more

Mitte - Spandauer Vorstadt
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Spandauer Vorstadt

In the Spandauer Vorstadt, life rages: Here Mitte is very chic, young and alert. The shops, galleries and cafés attract tourists, business and creative people alike. more

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Rosenthaler Vorstadt

Here Mitte is reminiscent of Prenzlauer Berg - which also borders seamlessly - with the life that goes on in the cafés and bars. more

Mitte - Luisenstadt
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Mitte: Southeast

Plattenbauten, old buildings, proximity to water and Kreuzberg right next door - this is what the southeast of Berlin's Mitte district offers. more

Dampferfahrt durch Berlin
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Mitte: Northwest

The northwest of Mitte is on the way to Wedding. Schiffbauerdamm and Friedrichstadtpalast are rich in tradition. more

Mitte - Dorotheen- und Friedrichstadt
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Mitte: Useful information

An overview of the most important addresses in Mitte: public authorities, daycare centres, schools, art and leisure activities. more


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    Berliner Dom
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