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Tierheim Berlin

The animal shelter Berlin in Berlin-Falkenberg is the largest in Europe.

The former village of Falkenberg has still retained its historical village center. In the north, the animal shelter, a nature reserve, and the Brandenburg state border are adjoining.

Falkenberg is known for the Berlin Animal Shelter. It is the most modern animal shelter in Europe and has also been used as a filming location for science fiction movies. North of it, there is a lot of nature. In the south lies the old village center with the only remaining clay cottage of the whole city.

Nature Reserve Falkenberger Rieselfelder

Local recreation is offered by the Falkenberger Rieselfelder nature reserve, which is located on the northern outskirts of the city. On the former irrigation fields, vegetables were once grown. Today, special cattle and horse breeds ensure the preservation of the area. Nature lovers can also observe amphibians such as frogs, toads, and newts here. Grey geese, quails, and lapwings are also at home in the reserve.

Falkenberg Manor Park

The baroque Falkenberg Manor Park with its small pond, rhododendrons, and old maple trees was reconstructed according to historical models a few years ago after years of neglect. It is now a public park. The former manor was once purchased by the mother of the Humboldt brothersa nd was owned by the family until the middle of the 20th century.

Old Village Centre and New Buildings at Gehrensee Lake

In addition to old farm workers' houses and private homes in the village center, other single-family houses determine the living situation in Falkenberg. Next to the Gehrensee lake lies a housing estate from the 1930s. The owner-occupied housing estate in the Falkenberg Meadows, also near Gehrensee, is still quite new.

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