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  • Hohenschönhausen

    Barther Pfuhl

  • Neu-Hohenschönhausen - Gebiet Mühlengrund

    Falkenberger Chaussee

  • Neu-Hohenschönhausen - Gebiet Zingster Straße

    Zingster Straße

  • Neu-Hohenschönhausen - Gebiet Zingster Straße

    Prerower Platz / Wustrower Straße

  • Neu-Hohenschönhausen - Gebiet Krummer Pfuhl

    Grevesmühlener Straße

  • Frühling in Hohenschönhausen

    Sports forum Neu-Hohenschönhausen

  • Frühling in Hohenschönhausen


  • Frühling in Hohenschönhausen

    Wartenberg S-Bahn station

Space for over 50,000 people: Neu-Hohenschönhausen includes the whole development area of Hohenschönhausen-Nord, which consists of towering prefabricated concrete buildings constructed during the 1980s.

Most of the now completely renovated prefabricated concrete buildings in Neu-Hohenschönhausen are either six or eleven storeys high. Their surroundings are green: the Barnim park landscape, the Malchow meadow park, the landscapes of Wartenberger Luch and Falkenberger Luch, as well as allotment gardens all surround the neighborhood, which used to be the "vegetable garden" of Berlin.

The Four Neighborhoods of Neu-Hohenschönhausen

Neu-Hohenschönhausen is divided into four parts by the S-Bahn train tracks (S75) and Falkenberger Chaussee. The Zingster Straße neighborhood is located in the northwest and extends along the main road of the same name. This area was where the construction of the new development area officially started in the 80s. Prerower Platz is the center of the neighborhood and houses some small stores and the Linden-Center mall here.

The Mühlengrund neighborhood in the southwest is built around the unofficial square of the same name. The Vincent-van-Gogh-Straße neighborhood in the southeast of Neu-Hohenschönhausen used to be part of Falkenberg until 2002. The neighborhood Krumme Pfuhl in the northeast is the newest of the four. In the 1990s the high-rise building "Zitrone" was constructed here, which got its nickname because of its lemon-yellow facade.

Nature Reserve Falkenberger Krugwiesen

The nature reserve Falkenberger Krugwiesen is located in the southeast of Neu-Hohenschönhausen. The heart of the 104 acre area with its trees, meadows, and paths is the lake Fauler See. The willow bushes and dense reedbeds on its shore offer birds an important habitat amidst this otherwise densely built-up area. The small park around Zingster Straße and the Wustrower Park near the Wartenberg S-Bahn station also offer some greenery.

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Portrait of Hohenschönhausen