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Request for renewal by contact form

You tried to get an appointment online several times unsuccessfully and your residence title expires in few days?
  • In this case, please apply for an extension via request for renewal by contact form.
  • For this purpose, please contact the department responsible for you:
  • Department

    Contact form

  • A 1 – Syria and undetermined people with unresolved nationality from Syria (family name A – E)

  • A 5 – Syria and undetermined people with unresolved nationality from Syria (family name F – Z)

  • B 1, B 2 and B 3 – Qualified skilled workers, education and training programs, school attendance, studies, scientists and researchers and other special purposes of residence (family name L – Z)

  • E 1 – Middle East

  • E 2 – Africa and America

  • E 3 – Aserbaijan, Australia, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Israel, Libya, Maldives, Oceania, Pakistan, Turkey,

  • E 4 – Asia, Russia and New Zealand

  • E 5 – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine, Belarus

  • E 6 -
    • Family members of EU and EEA citizens with other nationalities
    • Andorra, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland, Vatican City
Your request will be classified as an application. Please consider the following:
  • Your residence title (permit of residence, Blue Card, visa for long term residence) will be considered as lawful in Germany. This also applies to all conditions stipulated on your residence title. That means that you can continue to work or study in Germany so far.
  • The prerequisite is that you have sent your request before the expiry of your residence permit, Blue card or visa for a long-term stay.
  • Please note in case you wish to travel abroad: you are not allowed to re-entry Germany.