City Partnership Prague

Prag: Karlsbrücke bei Sonnenaufgang

Prag: Karlsbrücke

Following on the city partnership between Prague and East Berlin that was formed in 1971, the Berlin-Prague partnership was reestablished on 10 June 1995 with the signing of a joint declaration on cooperation by the Governing Mayor of Berlin and the Primátor of Prague and the official opening of the Comenius Garden in Berlin-Neukölln. The heads of both cities are the official patrons of this park in Neukölln.

The partnership with Prague has been shaped from the beginning by the history of Bohemian immigration to Berlin. The streets of the Bohemian Village, the Comenius Garden, and the Museum in the Bohemian Village recall the Bohemian refugees who settled in Rixdorf (now Neukölln) in the first half of the 18th century. Opened in 2019, the archive of the Bohemian Village, with a collection of many personal narratives and sermons by these religious refugees, is a particular treasure.

Relations between Prague and Berlin are lively and diverse, with regular exchanges between experts in the areas of urban development and innovative transportation solutions, tourism, civic engagement, and new forms of housing. Berlin has strong ties to the Czech Embassy and the Czech Centre here and engages in close cooperation with them on many different cultural projects, especially when the focus is theater and literature. The Senate Chancellery and the Czech Centre regularly bring more than 50 representatives of civil society in Berlin together at German-Czech networking meetings held at the Berlin Town Hall. Long-standing partnerships also exist between colleges, universities, and schools in Berlin and Prague.