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Berlin and Madrid have been partner cities since the signing of an agreement on 4 November 1988 in Madrid. The reasons for their city partnership include the good relationship between the people of Germany and Spain in general and the desire to promote European integration.

Exchange between the two cities is concentrated on traditional administrative areas, but is very pronounced in initiatives by private citizens, in volunteer work, and in the cultural sector as well. The Spanish Embassy is a strong supporter of cultural exchange between the two partner cities.

Representatives from Berlin regularly take part in the international administrative conference held once a year in Madrid. Berlin and Madrid also work together in the European Capitals’ Police Network. This organization’s most recent meetings took place in Madrid and Berlin. The Madrid universities Politécnica and Autónoma carry out frequent projects with Berlin’s Humboldt Universität and Freie Universität.

In 2021, there was very active exchange on the subject of civic engagement in the context of the “European Volunteering Capital.” Berlin was the European Volunteering Capital in 2021, and Madrid holds that title in 2022. You can find more information about this initiative on the website European Volunteering Capital | CEV.

The coronavirus pandemic brought in-person exchanges between the two partner cities more or less to a standstill. Many planned joint projects were canceled or indefinitely postponed. At the same time, however, the pandemic gave us the chance to try out new formats. In regular webinars, the mayors of Madrid and the former mayor of Berlin discussed various measures and solutions for dealing with the pandemic. They are also learning from the crisis by exchanging questionnaires on their city’s response to it.

We can anticipate a special highlight from Madrid in 2022, when an exhibition by the Prado Museum in Madrid is to be held outdoors on the square around Berlin’s Neptune Fountain. The exhibition runs through mid-Oktober 2022.

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