City Partnership Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Berlin and Los Angeles have been sister cities since 27 June 1967.

Originally launched by former Berliners who had emigrated to the U.S. and worked in the film industry, our partnership has led to constant exchanges, thanks to many individual activities, projects, and visits to both cities. Culture and the arts have always been a priority, and countless exhibitions and guest performances by theaters or musicians have taken place over the years. Cooperative projects in film and television played a major role from the very beginning. Another mainstay of our partnership is the exchange of experience in areas like urban development, architecture, public administration, judicial practice, and the work of police officers and firefighters, to name just a few. The zoos in Berlin and Los Angeles work together as well and carry out staff exchanges.

Los-Angeles-Platz, a square near Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm, and the Berlin Forest in Los Angeles’s Griffith Park are both visible signs of the friendship between our two cities.

In Los Angeles, Sister Cities of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles-Berlin Sister City Committee are key supporters of the cooperation between the two cities. Berlin’s Film Museum (Filmmuseum Berlin) has long-standing, close ties to Hollywood. Our partner city also has strong ties to Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and Studio Babelsberg.

The Villa Aurora, once Lion Feuchtwanger’s home and a meeting place for exiled German writers, now promotes cultural and academic exchange between Europeans and Americans; it has carried out countless projects related to Berlin in Los Angeles. Grant recipients from the arts – literature, film, fine arts, and music – use their work to share their California experience with audiences in Berlin. Starting in 2017, Berlin’s Senate Department for Culture and Europe will fund two three-month stays at Villa Aurora each year for visual artists from Berlin. Their stay will give these artists an opportunity to gain deeper understanding of and insight into American culture, study trends in the local art scene, exchange ideas, make contacts, and carry out an artistic project in Los Angeles. Musicboard and Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg are each supporting an additional stipend.

The Checkpoint Charlie Foundation in Berlin, established by the federal state of Berlin in 1994, was asked to assist with and support city partnership projects not initiated by the Berlin state government, in the interest of involving as many people as possible from both cities.

Economic ties between the two cities, exchange in the areas of environmental and climate protection and renewable energy, and cooperation in the startup sector are current topics that are attracting growing interest. Cooperation in these areas is already underway between Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, the business and technology park Adlershof/WISTA, the Clean Tech Business Park Berlin, and the World Trade Center Association Los Angeles – Long Beach (WTCA LA-LB), a subsidiary of the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC).

Berlin and Los Angeles will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of their city partnership in 2017 with many different events organized by various stakeholders.

You can find out more about planned activities and events under News. Past events are listed under Retrospective.