Education for Refugees

Junge schreibt an der Schultafel

Berlin offers a wide range of education and training options for you and your family, from day care to school to studying at a university. We encourage you to make use of these options so that you can play an active part in life in your new neighborhood and open up better prospects for your future.

Can I request day care for my children?

If you have small children, you can send them to a “Kita” (day care) if you wish. Here they can play and learn with other children. They will make new friends at the “Kita” and will learn German quickly. That will help your children be better prepared for school.

Can my child go to school?

Children who are at least 6 years old must go to school. If they can’t speak German yet, they will be put into a “welcome class” first, where they will learn the necessary language skills. After that they will switch to a regular class and take part in normal school life.

Can I start or continue my studies at a university?

Berlin’s colleges and universities will give you any information you need on what courses are available and what the prerequisites are for starting or continuing your studies. Contact them!

Can I get financial support for my children?

You can get financial support from the “Bildungspaket” (education fund) so that your children have more educational opportunities and can participate in Berlin’s social and cultural life.

Where can I learn German?

The “Volkshochschulen” (adult education centers) offer German classes for refugees that will help you to get started and to communicate in everyday life.

Can I get a degree or another educational qualification earned abroad recognized?

If you want to get your school-leaving certificate, your vocational training, or your university degree recognized, please see the website of the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Science.