Information for Refugees in Berlin

Erstregistrierungsstelle des Landesamtes für Gesundheit und Soziales am Standort Bundesallee


The first steps after arriving in Berlin as a refugee. How do I register for asylum? More information

Girl with citymap in front of Reichstagsgebäude


Refugees should keep some important aspects of the asylum procedure and residence law in mind. More information

Zeichnung Regenbogenfamilie


Programs and initiatives are available to advise refugees who have been discriminated against or have experienced hostility and to assist LGBTI refugees. More information


Links, addresses, and offers

Links, addresses, and offers More information

Gesundheitskarte einer Krankenkasse mit Chip


Refugees can receive different kinds of benefits. Learn more about what is available. More information

Ingenieur, der einem Lehrling zeigt, wie die Fräsmaschine zu bedienen ist

Integration and work

There are programs to assist you when you visit government offices or give you career counseling. More information