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What can I do if I am discriminated against?

Refugees have a right to equal treatment and to not be discriminated against. The Berlin Senate supports refugees in exercising their rights and, at the same time, makes it clear to mainstream society that discrimination against refugees will not be tolerated. If you are experiencing discrimination, there are many different measures, initiatives, and services available to you.

Protection against discrimination

What can I do if I experience hostility?

You were given a warm welcome by many of the people who live in Berlin. However, it is also true that there have been protests against refugee shelters in some neighborhoods, as well as verbal insults and physical attacks. Refugees who have been attacked can contact ReachOut. ReachOut is a counseling center for victims of right-wing extremist, racist, or anti-Semitic violence in Berlin.

More information on protection against hostility

Where can LGBTI refugees find support and advice?

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex refugees are an especially vulnerable group and face enormous challenges when it comes to accommodation, psychological and medical care, and the asylum procedure. That is why the federal state of Berlin provides special support and advice services that are designed for LGBTI refugees.
These concentrate on the following issues:

  • Safe accommodations in housing for LGBTI refugees
  • Support and advice for those who have experienced violence or discrimination
  • Psychological counseling and assistance in dealing with traumatic experiences
  • Assistance with filling out documents and applications
  • Advice on the asylum procedure
  • Advice on aspects of social law and help with determining entitlements and benefits
  • Self-help groups and empowerment

You can find out more here about advice and support for LGBTI refugees.