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Former Airport Berlin Tegel TXL

  • Airport Berlin Tegel TXL
  • Airport Berlin Tegel TXL

Information about former Airport Berlin Tegel.

Tegel Airport has been closed since 8 November 2020. All flight operations from and to Berlin gradually move to BER. New apartments and a future-oriented technology park will be built on the site of the former airport.

New urban quarter

A completely new urban quarter is to be created from the Tegel airport site on 500 hectares. Under the name "Schumacher Quartier", 5000 apartments for a total of 10,000 residents will be built on the east side of the Tegel site. The associated infrastructure with daycare centers, schools, sports facilities and shopping facilities will also be created. Additional living space will be created in the neighboring Cité Pasteur and TXL Nord quarters.

Urban Tech Republic: Research and industrial park for urban technologies

The most important component of the new quarter is the "Urban Tech Republic". Here, up to 1,000 companies will conduct research on new technologies relating to topics such as climate neutrality, modern mobility, energy and sustainable construction. Whatever is researched here on the topic of "Smart City" is to be applied in the Schumacher Quartier.

Beuth University opens new campus

The former terminal building of Tegel Airport has also already found a user: The Beuth University will move in here. The TXL campus will become an important part of the Urban Tech Republic - the university will relocate the Urban Technologies Competence Cluster to the former airport. Students are to conduct research on renewable energies, e-mobility and urban plant research. It will be years before this happens, as the terminal building will have to undergo extensive reconstruction.

Airport Berlin Tegel - 13405 Berlin

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