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Environmental Zone

Key facts and information about the Environmental Zone in Berlin and where to obtain stickers for your vehicle.

Verkehrszeichen für die Umweltzone

The environmental zone is an area in Berlin where only those vehicles are allowed to drive which meet certain exhaust emission standards. It is limited by the train circle line ("S-Bahn-Ring"). Since January 2010 only vehicles with green stickers are allowed to drive within this zone.

Cost and where to obtain a sticker for your vehicle

Umweltzone - Plakette

The Environmental Zone sticker can be obtained at the motor vehicle licensing authority (Landesamt für Bürger- und Ordnungsangelegenheiten - LABO), emissions inspection centres such as TÜV, DEKRA, GTÜ, FSP and KÜS, and workshops of the motor vehicle maintenance association specifically authorised for emission inspections.

Owners of foreign vehicles can also apply online for the Environmental Zone sticker. The charge for online ordering and shipment is 6.00 Euros. The validity of the sticker is not restricted in time unless the vehicle registration changes, as the number entered on the sticker must match the vehicle's registration number.


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