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Low-Emission Zone


Traffic signs indicating the low-emission zone.

Key facts and information about the low-emission zone in Berlin.

The low-emission zone is an area in central Berlin where only vehicles meeting certain exhaust emission standards are allowed to drive. The zone is limited by the light rail train circle line ("S-Bahn-Ring"). Since January 2010, only vehicles with a green sticker have been allowed in the low emission zone.

Where can I get a sticker for my vehice and how much does it cost?

The low-emission zone sticker can be obtained from vehicle registration authorities or from exhaust emission testing centers such as TÜV, DEKRA, GTÜ, FSP and KÜS. In Berlin, the sticker is also available at around 850 exhaust emission test workshops run by the motor vehicle guild (Kfz-Innung).


The charge for online ordering and shipment of the low-emission zone sticker is 6 euros. If you buy the sticker directly from the vehicle registration authority, it costs 5 euros. Private suppliers are free to set their own prices, which usually vary between 5 and 15 euros.

The validity of the sticker is not restricted in time unless the vehicle registration changes, as the number entered on the sticker must match the vehicle's registration number.


Classic cars with an H license plate or a red license plate with the initial number 07 as well as vehicles of persons with severe disabilities are exempt from the low-emission zone regulations. In the case of the latter, the disabled person's ID card replaces the fine dust sticker during inspections. Vehicles belonging to foreign diplomatic missions and international organizations whose license plates begin with 0 and vehicles belonging to foreign professional consular missions are also exempt from the sticker requirement.

Electric Cars

Electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles with an E license plate are exempt from the sticker requirement in Berlin. This also applies to electric vehicles registered abroad. If such foreign-registered eletric vehicles do not already have a marking specific to electrically driven vehicles, they need a blue E sticker in accordance with Appendix 3a of the Vehicle Registration Ordinance (Anlage 3a FZV) in order to drive inside the low-emission zone in Berlin.

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Last edited: 12 October 2023