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Preis der Nationalgalerie 2024

A special exhibition by the Nationalgalerie – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin In 2024, the Preis der Nationalgalerie goes to Pan Daijing, Dan Lie, Hanne Lippard and James Richards, the first time the award has gone four artists.

  • Dan Lie, "Non-Negotiable Condition", Ausstellungsansicht „Berlin Atonal“

    – Dan Lie, "Non-Negotiable Condition", Ausstellungsansicht „Berlin Atonal“

  • Hanne Lippard, “Language is a skin”

    – Hanne Lippard, “Language is a skin”

  • James Richards, „Qualities of Life: Living in the Radiant Cold“

    – James Richards, „Qualities of Life: Living in the Radiant Cold“

  • Preis der Nationalgalerie 2024

    Preis der Nationalgalerie 2024

This new format for presenting the award looks at the exhibition as a collective conversation, seeking to expand the collection of the Nationalgalerie through the acquisition of four new productions.

The prize-winners produce new works which will then be shown in this joint exhibition at the Hamburger Bahnhof. Pan Daijing works with sound, performance, installation, choreography and film, the art of Dan Lie addresses questions of ecology and non-human life forms, Hanne Lippard primarily uses her voice as her artistic medium, while the film-maker James Richards combines experimental techniques with a finely tuned sense for spatial arrangement. This group exhibition starts off with three open days, during which entry is free, and also coincides with the launch of the second year of the open-air DJ series Berlin Beats in the garden of the museum.

The exhibition is made possible by the Freunde der Nationalgalerie and is supported by BMW.
A special exhibition by the Nationalgalerie – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

Runtime: Fri, 07/06/2024 to Sun, 05/01/2025

Takes place here:

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