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The Second Glance: All Forms of Love

A cooperation of Berlin's Gay Museum and the Bode Museum, "All Forms of Love" casts a second look on works in the Bode collection that deal with the diversity of sexual identities and LGBTIQ life in art from previous eras.

  • Blick auf das Bode-Museum am frühen Morgen.

    – Blick auf das Bode-Museum am frühen Morgen.

  • Der zweite Blick: Spielarten der Liebe

    Der zweite Blick: Spielarten der Liebe

The project “The Second Glance” shows the collections of the Bode Museum from new and different perspectives, which are usually not included in the conventional art history discourse. The first instalment in the series, All Forms of Love, developed in cooperation with the Schwules Museum, focuses on works in the collection that deal thematically with the diversity of sexual identities, and with their perception, valorisation and their artistic exploration. The five thematic paths that wind through the entire collection and highlight 33 objects offer insights into the artistic and societal engagement with LGBTIQ* sexualities and identities that have always been present in art, but have often been overlooked or ignored.

LGBTIQ* Sexualities in the Context of Previous Eras
The paths will also illustrate that the way that societies dealt with LGBTIQ* themes did not develop in a linear fashion, but shifted across different eras and contexts. For example, the liberal attitudes towards (male) homosexuality that prevailed in antiquity disappeared in the Christian Middle Ages, when heterosexual relationships came to be viewed as the core of Christian faith.

Five Thematic Paths Through the Collection
The Second Glance is an invitation from the Bode-Museum to follow five thematic paths through the collection and discover aspects of the manifold forms of love that, until now, have been overlooked or ignored.

Runtime: from September 2019

Price: €10.00

Reduced price: €5.00

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