English Comedy Berlin - Showcase

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English Comedy Berlin - Showcase

A fantastic evening of English stand-up comedy: experienced and professional comics and debutants will make you laugh every Thursday.

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Join us in Prenzlauer Berg at Cosmic Comedy Berlin for a fantastic evening of English stand-up comedy! Experienced and professional comics and debutants will make you laugh every Thursday. The program is led by Englishman Dharmander Singh and Scotsman Neil Numb.

This is a showcase event with a diverse mix of Berlin comedians and international acts in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. We love to create a place where people (regardless of age, nationality, gender or religion) can come together, feel safe, laugh together and get to know each other.

Admission will begin at 7:45 pm. Around 8:20 pm, over four yards of delicious vegetarian and vegan pizza will be delivered and you are welcome to grab a slice or two.The event will start at 9 pm. Before that, you can buy drinks at our bar. You can also get your free shots at the bar.

Artists/Collaborators: Comedy-Club - Kookaburra

Runtime: Fri, 19/08/2022 to Sat, 26/11/2022

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