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  • Alexanderplatz in Berlin
  • Alexanderplatz in Berlin
  • Alexanderplatz in Berlin

Alexanderplatz is easy to reach by public transport and provides various department stores, shops and the large shopping mall Alexa.

Alexanderplatz, in the centre of the Berlin's City East, is famous for the TV Tower and the nearby Rotes Rathaus - Berlin's town hall - and its many shops, departments stores and malls, mostly in the medium-price segment.

Shopping at Alexanderplatz Station

Already Alexanderplatz station with its three floors is an interesting shopping area. Mainly snack bars are located there offering food from various countries. Moreover, one can buy books, beauty products, newspapers and tobacco products in the station. Also there are a pharmacy, hairdressers and several mobile telephone service shops.

Galeria Kaufhof and C&A at Alexanderplatz

Right outside Alexanderplatz station, a cuboid alike building awaits customers. It is a department store of the German trade chain Galeria Kaufhof which sells a wide range of products, including fashion, beauty products, food, sports equipment, toys and living accessories on five floors. The ground floor is like a large supermarkt with food products from all over the world and various counters with ready made meals.
In the building right beside Kaufhof, the German fashion chain C&A offers clothing for women, men and children in medium to low price range.

Consumer Electronics at Alexanderplatz

Also directly at Alexanderplatz, you'll find Saturn, a big consumer products warehouse with four floors. Saturn offers everything from TVs, cameras, computers to CDs, DVDs and white goods.

Alexa Shopping Mall near Alexanderplatz

Only a few minutes away is the big shopping mall Alexa. On a space of approximately 46,000 square metres shops from all segments sell their goods. Snackbars and restaurants at the food court invite for a shopping break.

Services at Alexanderplatz

All around Alexanderplatz many service shops can be found: Among them are drugstores, a bank office, dry-cleaners and a post office. The post office is located in a building block between the TV Tower and the townhall Rotes Rathaus.

Alexanderplatz on the map

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Public transportation

Galeria Kaufhof at Alexanderplatz

Galeria Kaufhof at Alexanderplatz

Mitte District

Galeria Kaufhof welcomes its customers right at Alexanderplatz in Berlin's City East. The warehouse offers a wide range of products from medium-priced to luxurious high-priced goods.  more


Alexa Shopping Mall

Mitte District

The Alexa shopping mall is located near Alexanderplatz, the centre of the City East. Inside the red building, you'll find all kind of shops and numerous restaurants.  more

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