Alexa Shopping Mall


The Alexa shopping mall is located near Alexanderplatz, the central square of Berlin's City East. Inside the red building, you'll find all kind of shops and numerous restaurants.

Alexa is one of the largest shopping malls in Berlin and was opened in 2007. Its central location near Alexanderplatz station makes it easy to reach by public transport. With its red concrete façade, the Alexa mall is highly recognizable in between the other housing estates around Alexanderplatz. The architects' aim was to create a building reminiscent of the Art Déco style.

Five Floors, 180 Shops and a Food Court

The Alexa mall awaits visitors with more than 50,000 square metres of shopping area are distributed over five floors. Numerous large fashion retailers as well as cosmetics, accessories, electronics, home goods, bookstores as well as a large supermarket in the basement and a food court ensure there is something for everyone here. A large parking lot with 1,600 parking spaces is located in the basement of the shopping mall.

Information, Address & Opening Hours

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Grunerstraße 20
10179 Berlin
Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday from 10 AM till 8 PM

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