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Events on the Day of German Unity

Tag der Deutschen Einheit - EinheitsExpo 2021 in Halle

Day of German Unity

Day of German Unity Celebrations

Date not yet confirmed

The Day of German Unity is Germany's national holiday. It commemorates the German reunification in 1990 and is celebrated with a festival around Platz der Republik, Straße des 17. Juni and the Brandenburg Gate.  more

Tips: Cultural Events on October 03, 2023

Tag der offenen Moschee

Open Mosque Day

October 03, 2024

Every year on October 03, the Islamic religious communities in Germany organize the nationwide Open Mosque Day.  more

Gauklerfest auf der Zitadelle (1)

Medieval Juggler Festival at Spandau Citadel

October 03 to 06, 2024

The Juggler Festival at Spandau Citadel will take place for the sixth time this year. Visitors can look forward to a colorful program with medieval flair.  more

Tag der Clubkultur (1)

Tag der Clubkultur

Date not yet known

The Tag der Clubkultur (Day of Club Culture) takes place annually in October and makes the diversity of Berlin's clubbing and nightlife scene visible.  more

Herbst Rummel

Berlin Autumn Carnival

September 20 - October 13, 2024

High Sky, Crazy Town and more: Expect lots of fun rides at the Berlin Autumn Carvival on the fairground at Kurt-Schumacher-Damm.  more


Berlin Asia Arts Festival

Date not yet known

This new festival offers an exciting and diverse insight into the Asian art scene of the capital.  more

Ausstellung "Thonet Stahlrohrmöbel Klassiker" im Stilwerk Berlin

Design Börse Berlin

Date not yet known

At the design market in the grandstand hall of the Karlshorst harness racing track, fans of classic furniture design and vintage furniture can buy original one-off pieces.  more


Muslim Culture Week

Termin noch nicht bekannt

The Muslim Culture Week aims to show the many facets of Muslim culture and make them tangible through exhibitions, workshops and guided tours of Berlin mosques.  more

Tips for Tours

Sommer in Berlin

Bike Tour: Berlin Wall Tour

This three-and-a-half-hour guided bicycle tour leads to major sites along the Berlin Wall between the former checkpoint Bornholmer Straße and today's government quarter.  more

Original Berlin Waks Berlin entdecken (3)

Guided Tour: Discover Berlin

This guided tour offers an exciting and comprehensive overview of the city's highlights and refreshes your knowledge of Berlin history in an entertaining way.  more

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Oktoberfeste 2012

Oktoberfest in Berlin

Experience the Bavarian way of life in Berlin! Various Oktoberfest events will bring the traditional celebration - and its famous beer - to the capital.  more