Adlershof features a hodgepodge of housing developments. At the same time, the district is a science and media hotspot that attracts more and more young people to the southeast of Berlin.

  • Adlershof© Franziska Delenk
    Houses in Adlershof
  • Adlershof© Franziska Delenk
    New buildings am Arndtplatz
  • Adlershof© Franziska Delenk
    Terraced houses in Adlershof
  • Adlershof© Franziska Delenk
    Old building in Adlershof
  • Adlershof© Franziska Delenk
    Housing estate in Adlershof
  • Science and Research Park Adlershof© 2013 Wista Management GmbH
    The grounds of the Adlershof Science Park seen from the air
  • Technology Park Berlin-Adlershof© dpa
    Center for Photonics and Optical Technologies in Adlershof
  • Student housing© dpa
    A facade of the student housing in Adlershof.
  • Student apartments in Berlin-Adlershof© dpa
    The Media Window building in Berlin-Adlershof. The 153 microapartments in it are designed to meet the needs of students and scientists.

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