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Konradshöhe and Tegelort

  • Konradshöhe


  • Konradshöhe


  • Konradshöhe

    Lake Tegel close to Konradshöhe

  • Anlegestelle Tegelort (Lindenbaum)

    Tegelort pier

  • Sommer 2012

    Two young women bathing in the Havel at sunset in the Konradshöhe district.

Konradshöhe is an idyllic neighborhood located in the north-west of Reinickendorf, surrounded by Lake Tegel, Tegel Forest, and the Havel River.

The settlement of Konradshöhe was founded in the 19th century. It comprises Tegelort and Jörsfelde, two residential villages dominated by single-family houses, villas, excursion pubs, and smaller tenement buildings.

Konradshöhe: Location and Infrastructure

Konradshöhe is located between Lake Tegel, the Havel River, and Tegel Forest, and thus completely surrounded by forest and water. The neighborhood is connected to roads leading to Heiligensee and Tegel. From there you can reach the the A111 motorway. There are also some ferries going to Spandau.


The central point in Konradshöhe is Falkenplatz. The tree-lined square features a small playground and a memorial stone commemorating the resistance fighter Richard Neumann. Around it are residential buildings and a few shops.


In Tegelort, things are a little quieter - at least on weekdays. The area is a popular destination for excursions because of the good air quality, the water sports facilities, and the nearby beaches. Excursion steamboats also dock here. Tegelort is also home to the Lake Tegel lido, which features a 500-metre-long sandy beach. Unfortunately, the lido has been closed since 2017.


The name of the village Jörsfelde goes back to the Jörsfeld settlement, which in turn was named after the Berlin entrepreneur and cap manufacturer Otto Joers. Although the name is no longer in use today, it is still preserved in the form of Jörsstraße and the Joersfeld sailing club.

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