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Reinickendorf: Residential Areas & Infrastructure

Reinickendorf is one of Berlin's more inexpensive residential areas. The district offers good public transport connections and lots of nature.

Residential Areas

Reinickendorf has an almost village-like character in districts such as Heiligensee, Konradshöhe, and Lübars, and a more urban flair in the local districts of Reinickendorf, Tegel, Märkisches Viertel, and Wittenau. Waidmannslust, Hermsdorf, and Frohnau are very quiet and tranquil. In the latter, the single-family homes that dominate the district often have a luxurious villa character.


Reinickendorf is located in the northwest of Berlin and borders on Brandenburg in the far north. In the east, the border is formed by railway lines and sections of the Nordgraben (northern trench), in the south by the ship canal and Gotthardstraße, and in the west by the Havel river.

Public Transport

Public transport is generally well developed in Reinickendorf, but there are big differences between the neighborhoods. In western Reinickendorf, the subway line U6 underground line goes all the way to Alt-Tegel, and in the eastern part of the district the subway line U8 takes you to Wittenau. There are also three suburban railway lines: the S25 to Heiligensee via Tegel, and the S85 and S1 from Pankow to Waidmannslust or Frohnau. Buses serve the rest of the district, especially in the parts on the border to Brandenburg.

Traffic Axes

Reinickendorf has many main traffic axes. Coming from Wedding, you can use Müllerstraße/Scharnweberstraße/Seidelstraße or the state route B96 (Berliner Straße/Oraniendamm/Roedernallee/Residenzstraße). Waidmannsluster Damm/Zabel-Krüger-Damm runs in a west-east direction. Reinickendorf is also located on the A111 city highwayway.

Former Tegel Airport

Until November 2020, the district of Reinickendorf was home to the largest airport in Berlin, the Airport Berlin-Tegel "Otto Lilienthal" (TXL). It was closed after the construction of the new BER airport in Schönefeld was officially completed.

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Portrait of Reinickendorf