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  • Waidmannslust

    Old building on Fürst-Bismarck-Straße

  • Waidmannslust


Waidmannslust is a suburban neighborhood with villas and country houses as well as some high-rise buildings.

Waidmannslust dates back to a villa district that was founded in 1875 and became a second home for many French citizens. Villas and country houses still make up much of the architecure today, at least in the north and west of the neighborhood. In the eastern part, some high-rise buildings were built during the 1960s.

Rollberge Housing Estate

The Rollberge housing estate between Zabel-Krüger-Damm, Schluchseestraße, and Titiseestraße is a new housing development with over 2000 flats. It is similar in appearance to the neighborhood Märkisches Viertel. Renowned architects such as Josef Paul Kleihues designed the individual buildings. The 22-storey double tower on Titiseestraße was designed by Hans Scharoun. Residents also call the housing estate "Schwarzwaldsiedlung".

Queen Luise Church

The landmark of Waidmannslust is the neo-Gothic Queen Luise Church (German: Königin-Luise-Kirche), which was inaugurated in 1913. The church, along with its jubilee fountain and enclosure, is a listed building and visible from afar. The fountain was erected in 1925 to mark the fiftieth anniversary of Waidmannlust. Incidentally, Waidmannslust takes its name from an inn: the forester Ernst Bondick opened his "Waidmannslust" inn, which at that time was still in the middle of the forest, and is thus considered the founder of the district.

Steinbergpark in Waidmannslust

The Steinbergpark is an popular place for local recreation in Waidmannslust and home to Berlin's largest waterfall. The water falls over a height of sixty meters. The waterfall is fed by the Packereigraben, a water-filled trench which flows through the park and is criss-crossed by cycling paths and hiking trails. There is also a toboggan run in Steinbergpark, as well as a dense tree population.

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