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Neukölln: Residential Areas & Infrastructure

Information on the residential areas, public transport connections, and traffic situation in Berlin-Neukölln.

Residential Areas

The northern part of Neukölln (formerly Rixdorf) is the most densely built up and populated area of the district. Here, you can fin inexpensive, modest old buildings as well as new buildings in the neighborhood Rollbergviertel and on the border to Treptow. The southern neighborhoods of Neukölln offer quiet single-family housing estates and allotment gardens, Gropiusstadt being an exception.


Neukölln is centrally located in southern Berlin. The outer districts border on the state of Brandenburg.

Public Transport

The infrastructure in the district is very well developed. The S-Bahn ring as well as numerous subway lines and buses make it easy to reach the city center. The U7 subway runs from Rudow via Kreuzberg and Schöneberg to Spandau, the U8 from Hermannstraße via Mitte to Wittenau.

Traffic Axes

Neukölln has a good connection to the city highway, which separates Neukölln from the southern districts of Berlin. The districts most important traffic axes are Sonnenallee, Hasenheide/Karl-Marx-Straße/Buschkrugallee, Hermannstraße/Britzer Damm, and Johannisthaler Chaussee. The BER airport is in the immediate vicinity.

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