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Admiralbrücke (Admiral Bridge)

  • Admiralbrücke
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    At sunset, the Admiralbrücke becomes a popular meeting place for young people in the Kreuzberg district.

  • Sonnenuntergang
  • Treffpunkt Admiralbrücke

The historic Admiralbrücke in Berlin Kreuzberg is the oldest surviving wrought-iron bridge over the Landwehr Canal and a popular meeting place for Berliners and tourists.

A visit to the Admiralbrücke, or Admiral Bridge, in Berlin-Kreuzberg is not only worthwhile because of its beautiful appearance - in the warmer months of the year, people meet here every evening to sit together in a relaxed atmosphere, watch the sunset, chat and play music.

History of the Admiralbrücke

The Admiralbrücke connects the river banks Fraenkelufer and Planufer of the Landwehr Canal in Berlin-Kreuzberg. It was built between 1880 and 1882 and protected as a historic monument. The predecessor of today's bridge was a wooden bascule bridge called Badbrücke which served to cross the canal. In 1880, the wooden bridge was replaced by today's wrought-iron arch bridge. It received its new name after the street running over it - Admiralstraße. The original ornate wrought-iron railings with foliage ornaments still adorn the bridge today.

Popular Meeting Place in Summer

When summer is in full swing in Berlin and the evenings are long and warm, the historic bridge with its cobblestone street and old gas lanterns becomes a popular meeting place for Berliners and tourists. As the sun sets, German, English, Spanish and Italian words waft through the evening air as small groups of people enjoy the cozy atmosphere on the bridge. Berlin's young and hip crowd sits together on the bollards and cobblestones to chat, have a drink, play music and gaze at the sunset over the Landwehr Canal. After noise complaints from residents, the bridge is cleared amicably and peacefully every evening at 10 PM with the support of the police.


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