Arrival in Berlin by bus

Arrival in Berlin by bus

Information about arriving in Berlin by bus.

Reisende vor einem Reisebus am ZOB Berlin
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National and international buses arrive every day at the two major bus stations in Berlin: the central bus station at Funkturm, called ZOB Berlin, and the bus station at Berlin Ostbahnhof.

Arrival at the Central Bus Station ZOB

The majority of national and international bus services to and from Berlin are handled at the Central Bus Station ZOB, the larger of the two international bus stations in Berlin. The ZOB is located in the district of Charlottenburg, opposite the International Congress Center ICC and the exhibition grounds under the Funkturm.

Arrival at the Ostbahnhof Bus Station

The second major bus station is located at Ostbahnhof in the district of Friedrichshain, east of Alexanderplatz. From Ostbahnhof, Berlin's central station Hauptbahnhof can be reached within ten minutes by taking the S-Bahn.
Fernbushaltestelle Berlin Südkreuz
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