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Hitze in der Stadt

Portrait of Friedrichshain


Boxhagener Kiez

With its nightclubs, organic food stores, gentrification and squatters, the Boxhagener Kiez is reminiscent of what Kreuzberg was 20 years ago.  more

Friedrichshain - Samariterkiez


The neighborhood is a mosaic of old and new buildings. Some colorful houses from the squatter era still remain.  more

Friedrichshain - Rudolfkiez

Stralauer Kiez

Located between Kreuzberg and the more lively part of Friedrichshain, the Stralauer Kiez has many new buildings with a view of the water. However, a lot of beautiful old buildings still remain.  more

Karl-Marx-Allee in Berlin

Around Karl-Marx-Allee

Stalinist neo-classicism and a certain Moscow flair characterize the monumental Karl-Marx-Allee between Strausberger Platz and Frankfurter Tor.  more